#ovirt: oVirt Weekly Sync

Meeting started by bkp at 15:01:14 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Agenda and Roll Call (bkp, 15:01:25)
    1. infra update (bkp, 15:01:25)
    2. 3.5.z updates (bkp, 15:01:25)
    3. 3.6.0 status (bkp, 15:01:25)
    4. conferences and workshops (bkp, 15:01:25)
    5. other topics (bkp, 15:01:27)

  2. infra update (bkp, 15:03:58)
    1. infra update Nearing the point of being able to trigger new VMs per job in jenkins on the PHX lab (bkp, 15:16:25)
    2. infra update The novnc issue brought up last week will be solved by openstack (bkp, 15:16:28)
    3. infra update eedri will be a lightning talk on the ovirt gerrit hooks system and on using fabric for managing devops at fosdem https://fosdem.org/2015/schedule/event/gerrit_hooks/ (bkp, 15:16:31)
    4. infra update Still waiting for ack from dev on support on Fedora 21, so we can enable jobs to build and tests on it (bkp, 15:16:35)
    5. infra update Progress on building ovirt-node: Node team finally solved all problems related to EL6.6 support. (bkp, 15:16:38)
    6. infra update Node is also pleased to announce EL7.0 support. A build is still pending, but we hope to deliver this soon. Please watch the ML for the announcement (bkp, 15:16:41)
    7. infra update Creating rpms on master is broken due to gwt changes, vszocs has a patch for fixing it, waiting for a merge (bkp, 15:16:44)
    8. infra update From CentOS Virt SIG meeting: We now have centos wiki write access, still pending access to CSB system (bkp, 15:16:47)
    9. infra update From CentOS Virt SIG meeting: SIG meeting minutes: http://www.centos.org/minutes/2015/january/centos-devel.2015-01-13-14.06.html (bkp, 15:16:50)

  3. 3.5.z updates (bkp, 15:16:55)
    1. http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.5.1_Release_Notes (sbonazzo, 15:23:56)
    2. 3.5.z updates 3.5.1 branch created and announced just a couple of minutes ago: http://lists.ovirt.org/pipermail/devel/2015-January/009660.html (bkp, 15:24:36)
    3. 3.5.z updates 3.5.1 build started in jenkins too: http://jenkins.ovirt.org/job/manual-build-tarball/456/ (bkp, 15:24:39)
    4. 3.5.z updates If everything goes fine, on morning of Jan. 15, we'll compose 3.5.1 RC and test it for releasing in the afternoon. (bkp, 15:24:42)
    5. 3.5.z updates There are 61 bugs targeted to 3.5.1. Excluding node and documentation bugs we have 41 bugs targeted to 3.5.1. (bkp, 15:24:45)
    6. 3.5.z updates Full status here (though blocker bug info now moot): http://lists.ovirt.org/pipermail/users/2015-January/030579.html (bkp, 15:24:48)
    7. ACTION: 3.5.z updates Update release notes for 3.5.1 if you haven't done so yet! http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.5.1_Release_Notes (bkp, 15:24:51)

  4. 3.6 status (bkp, 15:25:08)
    1. http://gerrit.ovirt.org/36264 (sbonazzo, 15:27:56)
    2. ACTION: 3.6.0 status Feature proposed for 3.6.0 must now be collected in the 3.6 Google doc (http://goo.gl/9X3G49) and reviewed by maintainers (bkp, 15:41:45)
    3. 3.6.0 status Finished the review process, the remaining key milestones for this release will be scheduled. (bkp, 15:47:31) (bkp, 15:41:48)
    4. 3.6.0 status There are 480 bugs targeted to 3.6.0. Excluding node and documentation bugs we have 454 bugs targeted to 3.6.0. (bkp, 15:41:51)
    5. 3.6.0 status Bug count is increasing, as people are getting into the master and working on the integration features side. (bkp, 15:41:54)
    6. 3.6.0 status Full status here: http://lists.ovirt.org/pipermail/users/2015-January/030580.html (bkp, 15:41:57)
    7. 3.6.0 status Fedora 21 support is near to be completed on build side, just missing 2 patches here: http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/36799/ and http://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/36240/ (bkp, 15:42:00)
    8. 3.6.0 status Hosted engine glusterfs support (for existing glusterfs replica 3) is under review http://gerrit.ovirt.org/36264 (bkp, 15:42:03)
    9. 3.6.0 status Hosted engine with gluster provisioning is still in development (bkp, 15:42:06)
    10. 3.6.0 status Node is a bit behind planning 3.6, which should get more attention now that they are closing down 3.5 (bkp, 15:42:09)
    11. 3.6.0 status Nightly build does not seem to include recent engine patches, this is due to engine master Jenkins jobs failing to build. vszocs is working on it. (bkp, 15:42:12)
    12. 3.6.0 status No testing on 3.6 features is possible at the moment due to nightly build failure on Jenkins, and the possibly still open issue of vdsm 4.17 not reporting that it supports 3.6 engine. (bkp, 15:42:15)
    13. 3.6.0 status The VDSM issue seems resolved for engine 3.6 supporting vdsm 4.17, but there are questions on how to properly solve the reverse situation, so solution is pending. (bkp, 15:42:19)

  5. conferences and workshops (bkp, 15:42:25)
    1. conferences and workshops FOSDEM prep proceeds. We will have 500 flyers and 200 t-shirts printed for oVirt booth. These are new shirts, with a straight-up logo. (bkp, 15:43:34)
    2. conferences and workshops bkp has not finalized plans on FOSDEM meetup, but it *will* happen. (bkp, 15:43:37)
    3. conferences and workshops There will be a presentation on the CentOS Virt SIG held in the Virt DevRoom, and we will have have oVirt represented. https://fosdem.org/2015/schedule/event/immutable/ (bkp, 15:43:40)
    4. conferences and workshops The workshop for FOSSAsia in Singapore has been settled as a half-day session. We have one speaker coming in from China, bkp, and hopefully another local speaker. We could use one more to fill out the program, if someone in the community is interested. (bkp, 15:43:44)
    5. conferences and workshops amureini will be giving a talk at DevConfCZ in Feb, after FOSDEM (bkp, 15:43:49)
    6. conferences and workshops News and info about all FOSDEM sessions will be coming through on oVirt and Red Hat social media channels. Share, share, share! (bkp, 15:44:29)
    7. http://www.oss2015.org (sbonazzo, 15:45:57)
    8. conferences and workshops sbonazzo working to be at 11th Intl. Conf. on Open Source Systems http://www.oss2015.org (bkp, 15:46:57)

  6. other topics (bkp, 15:47:14)
    1. other topics bkp has completed the 2014 metrics for oVirt and will be posting them soon. But as a preview, oVirt-engine was downloaded from the main Resources site 102,727 times in 2014. v3.4 led the pack with 51,195 downloads, followed by v3.3 with 39,273, and v3.2 with 8,893. (bkp, 15:47:22)
    2. other topics bkp is still looking for user tasks to help round out the oVirt documentation. Please contact bkp if you have any input. (bkp, 15:47:27)
    3. other topics bkp is also still looking for use cases for case studies. I have one lined up for Feb. (UDS Enterprise) but nothing beyond that. (bkp, 15:47:30)

Meeting ended at 15:49:33 UTC (full logs).

Action items

  1. 3.5.z updates Update release notes for 3.5.1 if you haven't done so yet! http://www.ovirt.org/OVirt_3.5.1_Release_Notes
  2. 3.6.0 status Feature proposed for 3.6.0 must now be collected in the 3.6 Google doc (http://goo.gl/9X3G49) and reviewed by maintainers

People present (lines said)

  1. bkp (84)
  2. sbonazzo (47)
  3. lvernia (28)
  4. eedri (14)
  5. amureini (10)
  6. fabiand (6)
  7. vszocs (5)
  8. danken (3)
  9. ovirtbot (2)
  10. Zordrak (1)
  11. awels (1)
  12. alonbl (1)
  13. gchaplik (1)

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